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We Install, Maintain & Repair Shutters throughout Sydney,Canberra & New Castle

OZ Shutter offers one of the finest roller shutters in Sydney, Ensuring protection to the space you live in is not an option but a necessity. Whether it a household or your workplace, having a protected environment to stay in must be assured of. The safety, however, is not only needed to be ensured against an intruder or a fly only but also against the sunrays and other extreme weather conditions at the same time. Thus, a fire alarm and a thorny fence are not always the safeguard options. For weather protection and light control needs, we at OZ Shutter introduce the most advanced commercial and domestic window security shutters for the residents living in Sydney, Canberra, and Newcastle.

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With numerous patterns, we make it easier for you to choose the desired shutter for your home or office.

Get Them Installed

As soon as you select the most attractive shutter, we will visit your place to install the system accurately.

Keep it Well-maintained

We don't forget you after the installation offering 5 years of warranty against Roller Shutter services in Sydney.We also offer Electrical Roller shutter in Sydney. Our people take care of the proper maintenance of the same.

Connect for Repair

Any fault, if noticed, while servicing the product, our experts offer instant repair for the components.

With Us, Ensure Perfect Investment

At OZ Shutter, you find lots of varieties of shutters to be opted from. Starting from metal security shutters for windows,Electrical Roller shutter,Manual roller shutters to firesafe bushfire rated roller shutter options; we have it all for you. With the commercial and residential roller shutters that we offer, you can ensure protection against 80 to 90 percent of the sunlight in summers, thereby making sure your interiors remain cooler. Our shutter systems are not noisy, which is yet again a reason that makes individuals opt for them. A continuous noise may strain the brain, thereby increasing the stress level. Hence, a product that keeps off 50 percent of the noise from you could be the best-ever metal house shutters for you.

Apart from offering temperature benefit and mental calmness, these extruded roller shutter options offer high security against intruders who might be waiting for just one chance to enter a house or workplace and steal tangible as well as intangible stuff. Of course, you know you are making a smart investment while selecting OZ Shutter shield but at the same time, you are also ensuring considerable savings on energy consumption. In short, our shutters are the best energy-efficient products in the Aussie regions it operates in.

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  • We offer a wide variety of motorised rolling shutter alternatives.
  • We ensure expert handling.
  • Meeting quality standards is a must for us.
  • We keep our promises.
  • Our products are tried and tested.
  • Shutters are checked against strict parameters.

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