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Do you have a shutter that requires restoration? OZ Shutter are able to assist!

A shutter that is acting up? Motor doesn't work, or shutters been dinted? Give us a call OZ Shutter is able to repair it in no time at all. Our team works nation-wide to assist homes and businesses to stay secure. If you are in need of an urgent repair or feeling unsafe in your property becuase of a damaged shutter, call us on 1300 167 789 or send us a message from the home page enquiry form today!


If you'd like to have a detailed inquiry about your repair needs, call us on 1300 167 789 to have a one-to-one conversation about the needs and inquiry.

Drop our support or sales team an e-mail and they will respond within 12-hour time frame.

Excellence in maintenance for your peace of mind

OZ Shutter has been working well over a decade and takes responsibility as well as pride in what we do! Therefore, we provide 5 years guarantee in all our services. When we install, fix or provide service your peace of mind is important to us, or Oz shutter team come back for correction.

  • 1-Year Warranty on workforce
  • 1-Year Warranty on products
  • 5-Years Warranty on electric motors

The knowledgeable maintenance's specialist

Roller shutters can wear out over time, this can be due to any reason such as weather, natural phenomena etc. These shutters can be domestic or commercial. That's why OZ Shutter have experienced technician in place that make sure they come and repair successfully the first time around. OZ Shutter technicians have over 10 years of experience in servicing roller shutters. We have seen and fixed it all! All regular faults and jobs will be done with great skills and in no time, unusual and different repairs will be done using the correct techniques and tools. Any services and damages that require urgent repairs, we can do that too, just give us or our support team a call on 1300 167 789 or e-mail us at

and let us know how we can help.