36mm Extruded Roller Shutter

This roller shutter range is made with a precision roll formed roller shutter profile, and is suitable for many commercial and industrial grade applications.

Suitable Applications:

  • Commercial Windows.
  • Commercial Shop Fronts & Doorways.
  • Garage Doors.
  • High Security for Factories, Warehouses, Clubs, Pubs & Hotels, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Sports Complexes, Arcades, Shopping Mall Entrances, Mining & High Security Areas.


  • High quality aluminium alloy construction.
  • Commercial grade double wall extruded profile for heavy duty strength.
  • High quality powder coated finish for maximum abrasion resistance
  • Double line grooved and slight curved face profile. (Note: smooth and slight curved face available.)
  • Roll-right design.
  • Range of colors.
  • Double coated + lacquer for abrasion resistant finish.
  • Heavy duty steel axle with high quality internal sealed bearings.
  • Suitable for widespan widths up to 5800mm.
  • Can be manually operated or motorised.
  • Made in Australia.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum Shutter Width: 5800mm (with Winged Slat Locks)

Maximum Shutter Height: 3000mm

Maximum Surface Area: 12m2

Curtain Weight/Metre: 7.5kg

Number Of Slats/Metre: 28

Profile Slat Covering: 36mm

Profile Slat Thickness: 9.7mm

Axle Types: Octagonal Steel

Bottom Bar Dimensions: 55mm x 8.5mm

Guide Dimensions: 68mm x 25mm/14mm (Heavy Duty Guide)

Paint Finish: Polyurethane/Polyamide (PU/PA)

Inner Profile Foam Type: Poly Urethane (CFC Free)